Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Failing at Blogging

So. I've been really, really busy w/work & school which means I haven't spent any time blogging. I used to be able to blog from work, but I've been swamped while I'm there, and there is so much drama going on. I have been working weird hours that I'm trying to get used to, and my school schedule still doesn't quite make sense to me, yet. But I'm hanging in there.

I submitted my first assignment for Marketing on Sunday. After that I studied a little & took his quiz. I ended up getting a 80% on the quiz(it was really hard, & I always say a low score on the first one is okay, because you're getting an idea of how the rest will be) & I got a 100% on the discussion board problem. I was sweating turning that in, obvious considering I wrote it on the 20th and submitted it the 24th. Ha. Anyways. I haven't been working on Leadership as much as I should. I went to my first Complementary Healthcare lecture on Monday, can you say BORING?! Ugh. But that's alright, it should be easy. I also went to Microbiology Lab yesterday, and got a bunch of homework due Thursday. Ugh, I just can't keep up! I will kick this semester's ass, though.

BREAKING NEWS: This just in; it just started POURING out of nowhere outside, kind of scared me.

Here's a to-do list for the rest of this week:
<3 Wednesday(the rest of the day):
--Mesa for Nutrition w/mom.
--Lunch w/Tyler.
--CD shopping at Best Buy w/Tyler.
----Ke$ha for brother.
----The Script.
----Lady Antebellum...MAYBE!
--Homework for the rest of the night!!
----Finish Micro packet!
<3 Thursday
--Work for 7 hours.
--Micro lab.
--Get softball stuff together.
--Homework for the rest of the night.
<3 Friday
--PAY DAY!!!
--Work for 7 hours.
--Softball practice.
--Pay the phone bill.
--Homework for the rest of the night.
<3 Saturday
--Tayler wants to get together? MAYBE.
--Gym w/Tyler??
--Working on Leadership hw for the day.
<3 Sunday
--Turn in 2 chapters of Leadership hw.
--Study for the 2 Leadership quizzes & take them.
--Ride bikes w/tyler or hike if it's nice??