Monday, June 15, 2009

to-do list 3

first off, can i just say that i burnt my grilled cheese today, and it was still fantastic? can you ruin a grilled cheese? is that even possible? i think not.

.shower (DONE!)
.buy hair ties (DONE!)
.chemistry lab (DONE!)
.lunch with tyler (DONE!)
.clean the bathroom (DONE!)
.watch harry potter 3 (DONE!)
.chemistry homework (DONE!)
.check chemistry grades (DONE!)
.harvest & plant my farm (DONE!)
.drop package off at fed-ex (DONE!)
.paint fingers (DONE!)/toes(DONE!)
.finish 2009 SH&B reconciliations (DONE!)
.chemistry 60 question m.c. take home test (DONE!)
.get stuff together to sell online for daddy (IN PROGRESS...)
.teach dad how to use his FB
.sweep & mop bathroom floor
.rock wall climbing w/tyler
.order thermapak & mail in old fan
.shop for dad's father's day present
.chemistry 2 question essay take home test (DONE!)
.chemistry lab (DONE!)
.drs appointment with bfff (DONE!)
.petsmart (DONE!)
.macbook to apple (DONE!)


  1. kaitlinmarieshafer said...
    Did you do any of these Miss Terra?
    loventrainsnstuff said...
    i did so many of them!!! don't even play. haha! i did so good.

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