Wednesday, December 31, 2008


this is just going to be a quick post about the last two days. yesterday while i was shopping for mexico stuff with mom john called and pretty much fired me - i said it was okay that i had to quit anyways, but it was quite the shock. it was alright, though. just sucks because it was a lot less money now than i thought i would have before i move. this morning at 2AM dad decided to look into the killings in mexico i have been telling him about - when he finally found out that i was serious and it was really happening, he backed out on the trip and said it wasn't worth our lives to risk it. so we are all here and safe - instead of in mexico. it sucks because i was really excited, but at the same time i respect his decision. tyler and i went to get fuddruckers for lunch, and then went to blockbuster to return our movies and get burn after reading because mom wanted it and animal crossing: city folk for wii, because i've been waiting to play it forever. not sure yet if i'm all that thrilled or not. i just want my spore to come so i can play! but that's not going to happen for a few days. i've got a few books that should be here friday too, since there isn't any mail. we went and got our hair cut after, and then dad, tyler, and i went to Bevmo. i got this bottle of ale because it had a cute owl on it, a bottle of jolt, and he got me a bottle of hypnotiq. so tonight should be fun, haha. may as well have fun being 21, right? right now the boys are playing baja and i'm waiting for dinner. brats, it is! i think i'm going to go bead, or work on my lion latchhook, i'm not positive. happy new year, everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008

cet mar aquarium

cet mar aquarium will be a new visiting place for us this mexico trip. meghan pennell told me about it a couple days ago and ever since then i've been super excited. apparently it's right down the street from where we've been staying for 13 years and we've never gone. i talked to dad and he said definitely. and i'm so happy, it's going to be great. there's a sea lion named arthur, and they all jump out of the holes in the cages and play with you and steal the food you have in your hand. not to mention the extremely large sea turtles that are there that you can feed and play with, that's going to be awesome. the pictures i've seen show them to be very big. =D it's going to be a great trip. 


tyler, my parents, and i watched wanted and it was actually pretty good. it was way corny and over-done, but i actually enjoyed watching it. there was a lot of blood and bad language, but the overall idea and picture of the movie satisfied me. i don't like movies like that at all, but i actually found the main character(wesley - james mcavoy) to be pretty hot. =D

so tonight i came home from work and went straight to work on dad's desk. he has been stressing about mexico, the pool, his desk, bills, and a lot of stuff. so i decided to take the initiative to get that cleaned. after i started to organize all of the bills and then start to pay them and record where and how everything gets paid. that way when i move he will be able to do it all on his own without me. i think it bothers him thinking he will have to do it all but we will see. 

i got online and did some research about all of the books that i'm missing for chemistry. i figured it all out and got them ordered, and then i called matt and asked him about his mat142 book. he's going to sell it to me, which is awesome. so now i'm officially done. except that i have to get my mastering chemistry and some other login, but i'm going to wait until the teacher talks about it. i got my syllabus from my NTR150 teacher. the course is going to be awesome. it's a bunch of different types of dietitians speaking, and basically we get 5  points a week for going to class, and we have a project and a paper and that's it. there's no final or anything, it's just listening to the guest speakers and learning about all of the different options for our degree. i think it will be awesome to hear about all of their experiences and stuff. i e-mailed abigail today and asked about whether or not there was any word on a 3rd housemate and she said not yet. i wonder if it will just be melanie and me?

i still have to do laundry and pack for mexico. i talked to john and i was like "do we work wednesday or friday?" "no." "okay, then i'm going to mexico." so that wasn't as bad as i had expected. i worked like 4 hours and got a bunch of the fedex stuff done for him. tomorrow i will get the rest of the stuff done, i just got really dizzy and really tired and unfocused and had to get out of there. i have to go get my laundry ready to wash. tomorrow mom and i have a lot of places to go. we have to get insurance and i have to get some things on my list and look for my cinderella toaster(hopefully it's still there). 

i really want to see becoming jane.

peace corps.

i have decided that health willing, i would like to go into the peace corps. once i am finished with my degree. i would like to take what i have learned and help others who don't have very many resources to get the nutritional health they need to become happy and healthy, and live longer, more fulfilling lives. i want to make a difference to people who otherwise wouldn't have a chance at the nutritional help they need. nutrition is one of the biggest causes of illness for the people in other countries, and i want to fix it. 


i was spending some time reviewing my DARS report at ASU, and it's so interesting seeing how everything i've done so far at PC has transferred over and what i still have left to finish. it sucks because most of what i have left is science stuff. there are nutrition courses in there, but the big stuff is all chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and all of that kind of stuff. i only have 39 more credits that i need to fulfill though, and dad and i did the math, if i take 15 credits a semester i'll be done in less than two years. we had planned on two. but we will see how all of that works out. we need to get the payment made to williams campus housing today, too. because we don't want that to be late. i have a 3.68 GPA in my major, but only a 2.0 in my general studies. that's only because i got a C in beatles at ASU, and i think that's what they counted that for. but like dad and i were saying, i got a 3.00 for the semester at PC and a 2.o0 for the semester at ASU, if you combine those, that's a 5.00, and that makes me a genius, pretty much. =D. time to shower, pack, clean, and work.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


this is lasagna. she's my guinea pig, and i need to find her a really good home. i want to keep her so much, but i just can't. i thought we found her a home but they brought her back, allergies i guess. so now i'm left to the chore of finding her another home, somewhere she will be safe, and happy, and healthy. it is so sad that i have to let her go, but i really can't have her when i move, and my dad seriously doesn't want her here for my mom to take care of everyday. so i don't know what to do? i just want her to go somewhere special. and loving.


i'm so impatient. i ordered my copy of spore on friday and it feels like it's taking forever to get here. i even paid extra to expedite it(only because expediting it still made it a lot cheaper than paying full price). i already started making a bunch of cute creatures and stuff with the trial download copy that i have to hold me over. but it's not nearly as entertaining as the game will be. plus when it comes i get to unlock all of the other add-ons for the creatures, and then they will be super cute and original. i think this game is going to be really fun. from what i've heard from other people talking about it, i think i will enjoy it. it will give me something to do when i'm bored at my dorm at night. because i can't always be studying, i need a break sometimes. =D. it's probably going to show up when i'm in mexico, though, so i won't get it until we make some time to get our mail from the post office. =(. it's alright though, because the wait makes it worth it, and i'd much rather go to mexico than hang out here and play. i can play anytime, really. 

tyler and i finished watching journey to the center of the earth a few minutes ago. it was actually a good movie, and it kept me entertained. and i actually liked the ending, that rarely happens lately. it was one that i wouldn't mind seeing again. we still have wanted that we need to watch and return before we leave, too. but he has to be at work tomorrow morning, so he couldn't stay any longer. it sucks when he has to leave, lately. i'm trying to get as much time in with him as i can before i can't have too much. but i know that we will do fine without each other.  

tomorrow i have to go to work sometime. i haven't talked to john so i have no idea what time he expects me in. i need to get some stuff together for mexico, do some laundry, oh, i need to go to the bookstore at asu west to see how much all of my books will really be and then get my aunt's 10% discount. it's not a lot, but it's a heck of a lot better than paying the $950 that it looks like it's going to cost full price. i ordered my books for my women in history class, and the main textbook came, and i think that class is going to be very interesting. i think i will really enjoy it a lot. we will see. well i'm going to bed. my eyes are heavy, and that's a good sign.

p.s. the cardinals won today! i can't wait to see them in the playoffs!


tucker decided that he wanted to play - on top of tyler - and very loud and vicious. it made me laugh, so i decided to record it. here's tucker, loud, nasty growls and snarls, but such a baby and couldn't hurt a fly. 


this was yesterday. tyler took us to play in the snow in flagstaff. although it was extremely cold, it was a great time. i've never really had a chance to play in the snow, and even though i couldn't walk too well in it, and i fell a lot, it was exciting. we are planning on going back soon, hopefully at the beginning of the year. 

dad and brother went and picked up the toy hauler so we can get everything packed and ready for rocky point on wednesday. i haven't told john that i need the time off, or that when i get back i'll be giving my two weeks. it's kind of intimidating thinking about how i have to move. i think i have most of that stuff purchased, i just have to get more stuff packed and ready. i've been slacking big time because of the holidays and stuff. and now getting ready to go to mexico for new years. 

today we are just relaxing, watching the cardinals game, had paradise for lunch, and getting ready for the week. although it will be very short for all of us. mom got her old tv in my room since mine broke, so i'm happy about that. i'm going to go hang out with tyler. it's going to be so weird not being able to see him whenever i want. i'm just very thankful that it's only about an hour from home, and not much more than that!