Friday, October 23, 2009

life as i know it.

everything around me has been nuts lately! i don't even know how to keep up with all of the things going on. i should have read my last entry to figure out what i already talked about. but i'll just start a new little list of the craziness.

<3 work is alright! it slowed down for a couple of days, and i got caught up! but it's starting up again monday for the next two weeks.
<3 tuesday brother, matt, and i went riding at rio verde. it was a long ride, kind of scary, but i did it. we found the river, which means water and dirt and mud. and you  bet your ass i took full advantage of that. so i have to clean my quad this weekend. it was so cool.
<3 i got sick today after lunch. it reminds me how amazing it is that i kind of conquered that whole mess. but it's not all the way gone, and i have to remind myself of that sometimes. i guess that's what it was today. a reminder.
<3 tayler and i have been hanging out. it's dumb because her phone is still off, so it's hit and miss. but we went to some craft stores so i could get that bunny fanny pack made for jenn. she loved it, btw. and she will take some pictures of it and then send them to me so i can post them.
<3 last two games of the regular season are tonight. we play ATV and One Hit Wonders. then the tournament starts next week, double elimination. i think xavier is coming tonight and bethany is bringing her new boyfriend. aunt lee will be there, too. tawyna was supposed to play, but i guess she has strep or something. i'm not sure who is covering for her, but i told mike and we decided it was beth's problem.
<3 tyler and i might be going to the fair on saturday, but i think we might just wait and go next week during the week so it's not so busy.
<3 tayler, tyler, and i will be hanging out on halloween. tyler and i have been trying to figure out what we are going to dress up as. we went to walmart to buy patterns yesterday but i realized i just don't have the time or money to make anything like that this year. next year, maybe.
<3 november 7th is my registration date for next semester, so on the 1st the schedule comes out and i will narrow down some classes. then brent and i will go over it and figure out exactly what i'm going to do. i'm ready for school to be over. but i was talking to matt, and i'm like WTF am i going to do with my life when i'm not a full time student? i couldn't imagine working all day everyday. EWW! haha.

i have to get back to work. i will finish this later. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

this weekend

this weekend was a little intense. i think i'll just make a short post that includes a few highlights. :)

<3 got out of work 30 minutes early, thanks sara!
<3 softball at 8:30. won one & lost the other.
<3 bethany, james, & riley came.
(they brought my bday cookies)
(bethany called me a fickle friend...)
<3 tawnya, chris, & christopher came.
<3 tyler spent the night, we went to bed around 11:30/12.

<3 tyler & i woke up and went to harbor freight.
(got a bug zapper, and some WD-40 for dad)
<3 got ready and went to the lucas oil off road races!!
(had a great time, the spot was PERFECT)
<3 there was a bus of drunk college kids. kinda obnoxious.
<3 tyler and i got into a fight.
(it was about me having male friends, i got angry though, and he knew it.)

<3 woke up early, had breakfast, and headed home.
<3 dropped off our stuff & tyler and i went to wash our vehicles.
<3 came home, showered, and went to get lunch.
<3 ate, watched some football, and i worked on stats.
<3 finished two hw assignments and a quiz for stats & anatomy coloring
<3 rode bikes with tyler to granada park, fed the ducks in the dark.
<3 mom told me it looked like i had a baby bump. better start working out.

that's the end of my weekend. nothing amazing, just a bunch of random things. the thing between tyler and i isn't really resolved, but eventually it will be. i might post more about it later.

agenda for today:
<3 got some hotchocolatecoffee & mom brought me to work.
<3 work, anatomy lecture, anatomy lab, and then more work!
<3 home (not sure how, yet), dinner, and stats quiz & midterm.
<3 clean pig pigs cage. it is due for a good cleaning, i just haven't had time!
<3 dollar store to get halloween bags to fill with leaves for shredded stuff at work. :)
<3 going to the Y to get a free ASU membership w/tayler after work!

that's it for now. i'm sure i'll find more things that i need to add to it throughout the day! happy monday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

for jenn:

jenn wants me to make this for her by thursday, shouldn't be too hard:

bunny fanny pack

Sunday, October 11, 2009

friday, saturday, sunday.

so friday was NOT a good day. i woke up and was miserable all day. i had the most intense cramps and felt awful for the entire day. tyler picked me up early and i went to his house and slept, because i had an extra hour of time at work. then we left to softball. when we got there i realllllllly had to pee because we were stuck in 5 oclock traffic forever. so i put my stuff down and went to run to the bathroom. when i did, i pulled something in my knee, and it hurt really bad. i got over it, only felt it if i really bent my knee, but i did alright for the two games. i actually hit a triple! :) we did amazing both games, and really played like a team. i think it was our new team shirts!! haha. but then umm. so we went to frys electronics to get tyler a bridge, and got a ton of comments on our shirts. then we came home after getting wings and stuff, and i went to sleep. when i woke up, i went to stand up, and i couldn't bend or straighten my leg. i hobbled into mom's room and she could see that my knee was swollen. so i tried walking on it some and i couldn't. my i couldn't bend it at all or it would shoot pain up my leg. i was pissssssed. so i iced it and heated it most of the day. i went to sams club with mom and dad, refused a wheelchair, and hobbled all around the store. i regretted that afterwards. my calves are SO sore today, using muscles i've never used before. haha. but thats how the day went. then tyler and i watched star wars 2. and that was that.

when i woke up today it doesn't hurt as bad to walk, but my entire leg is swollen. my mom wanted to take a picture of my feet, but i said no way! haha. so now i'm being forced to keep it up alllll day. (well, until i take tyler to the football game in a couple of hours). that's kind of okay, though. because i totally have to study big time. i have an anatomy test AND an anatomy practical tomorrow. and then my statistics midterm opens tomorrow. plus i have my microbiology lecture task to turn in. so it's going to be a crazy study-filled day. i think i will veg out in front of the game. :)

**to-do today:**
<3 study for anatomy test
<3 study for anatomy practical
<3 microbiology lecture task
<3 statistics chapters

Thursday, October 8, 2009

hello, thursday.

today started off as a very, very grouchy day! and although i did not end up being late to work, i am still a little bit grouchy. my body just won't wake up, or come out of this funk! although i discovered a few minutes ago perhaps why i'm so grouchy, but that's beside the point. >(

last night i had a great time with tayler! got off of work and then met up with her in front of taylor place. then we walked around downtown looking for food, FYI, NOTHING is open after 4 down here. we ended up going to Z Pizza and i had a salad. she ate some weird curry yam something pizza, FUNKY business. :) then we realized that as we were walking to the park to watch the water, that we didn't have paper for the mock practical. so we went back to her dorm and got paper, then went and hung out in ucent until it started. i walked her back towards her dorm and brother picked me up at 8, and then brought me home. dad and i left to fill my truck up with gas, and then we went to bashas'. their frozen michelena's dinners are 10/$10 so i got 5 of those. :) that was my night. talked to tawnya for a little bit, but she wasn't super excited/talkative really. made me sad.

today i have a 40% off coupon for borders, and i have no idea what i want to buy. i've been really wanting to go buy a new book, but i don't know what's out or what's good anymore. i don't have time to read, really, either. so i should probably just save my money for now. until i find something i absolutely need. not that i "absolutely" need anything right now. haha.

tanae just invited me to go see paranormal activity with her tonight. i'm really scared to go, but i want to. it sucks because it doesn't play 'til midnight. but it's a limited engagement thing, so it's not always playing. i don't know...i want to, but i'm a chicken. haha. when people faint in the theatre, that doesn't sound so enticing to me. even if it's only 86 minutes long. we will see. :)

**things to be excited about today:**
<3 mr. hall said there is no lecture due online today!!
<3 it's thursday. that means it's almost friday which means it's almost the weekend so i can sleeeeeep!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hello, happy, rainy, wednesday!

hello, mr. happy, rainy wednesday! thank you for being so pretty outside! today is a good day! i woke up really early, got ready, and then mom & i went to target. found a couple of cute things there, and then she dropped me off at the lightrail so i could go to school! made it to school early, but not too early, and went to class. class was disturbing because he showed us a lot of really disgusting pictures of infections and warts and all kinds of nasty business. but i made it through! after class, tayler walked with me to work, since it was nice outside. so far at work i've filed close to 100 files, and started putting together packets for the information sessions. and i'm still doing that, but i got an intense urge to post!!!

tonight after work i am meeting tayler. not sure what we are doing! probably going to her dorm to hang out, and then figure out somewhere fabulous to go for dinner?! the college kid budget doesn't support "fabulous" so it might be something like subway...haha. but we will hang out and study until we have to go to our "mock practical" for anatomy at 7!! that will be exciting. haha. it's fun hanging out with her!! and her bf's name is tyler too, so that's cool. (random, perhaps? haha.)

what else has been going on?! i'm not sure. umm. i've decided that i really need to stop buying starbucks! because although my vente unsweetened black tea lemonade is so entirely tasty, it's impractical on my budget. i have a lot of things to buy with this check. like part of the phone bill, some black shoes (i don't have any black ones), umm. and i know there are some other things, as well. so i can't be spending over $3 a day. i will just have to figure out how to make my tea at home into a tasty black tea lemonade. that shall be my goal for this weekend. i just have to figure out where to find unsweetened lemonade. unless it's just lemon juice? that makes sense...hmm.

**notes to self:**
<3 kaitlin said that lemon juice would work! totally trying it. probably not until this weekend, though. :(
<3 october resolution: no starbucks or convenience places unless absolutely necessary! sad day, sorry mr. hotchocolatecoffee.
<3 cran-pomegranate ocean spray just add water things, SO GOOD! new favorite.

Monday, October 5, 2009

monday, monday.

bring it ON, monday!
thank you, mr. black tea lemonade, for being there when i need you the most!
today is going to be good. i'm sure of it. i just have to find the light in this dark tunnel.


this weekend was different. it was a totally different change of pace for me, but i think i really liked it. the only bad thing is, my sleep schedule is so off now, and it hurts. :(

more to come later on today, hopefully. time to get ready for work & school.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

cleaning out my life

so i've decided to take action in cleaning out my life. it starts with little stupid things. yesterday i spent an hour on facebook cleaning out crap. i cleaned out my applications and people and just stupid stuff. and then i started working on my school stuff, and my planner, and that kind of thing. today i worked on my laundry and my room, got that all organized and pretty, and next i'm going to start working on me. i gotta start eating better and taking vitamins. i'm not treating my body very well, and i can feel it. i am probably going to clean my truck today, regardless of whether or not it is going to rain, just because it feels good when it's clean. i'll clean out my purse, and anything else i can think of.

the rest of my weekend will be spent doing homework & studying. i have a lot to study and i'm going to accomplish it. today we are going to make chili for dinner. tyler & i are probably going to make it together. we went to lunch today with mom at souper salad, and it was fabulous. i forgot how much i liked that place! even though i ate too much and was in pain for a bit...haha.

i have big plans for myself, and this time, i'm not letting myself down!