Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas Shopping List

So here's where I will post the things that I have on my Christmas list for everyone.
This way I have it, and I don't know anyone that will read it that I need to buy for.

<3 MTB movie. (gotta figure out the name of it)
<3 coffee maker.
<3 slippers/moccasins.
<3 50 Cent cologne
<3 Nintendo DS games.
<3 Nintendo DS case.
<3 Warm poncho from Ross.
*Got her a shirt that says : "out of wine, life is crap!" hahahhaha.

<3 Shoes?

<3 T-shirts?
*Got him a "make your own homemade root beer kit".

<3 Something cheap but cute & thoughtful.
*Got her these chocolates from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. :]


  1. Shorty said...
    I love the graphic you have posted above.... so cute! What a great Christmas card that would make, especially if you made all of the little ornaments pop with a bit of red, some gold for the star and green for the trunk...
    loventrainsnstuff said...
    that's so funny that you would say that because i thought the same thing!!! :)

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