Saturday, December 19, 2009


finishing a semester has never felt so good. i'm tired still, working a lot more and i'm puppysitting. that reminds me, i haven't taken any pictures. i'll get on that. been really busy w/christmas shopping & work. today ruth picked me up and her and i went all over christmas shopping. i'm really excited because i got most of my stuff. i just have to get something else for tyler & daddy & i'll be finished. i came home and tyler came over. we wrapped a bunch of stuff and then went to dinner for a post-semester dinner with mom and dad at babbo by my house. it was really good. i came home and started cleaning my room - it desperately needed it. i vacuumed and re-did a bunch of stuff - feels good to have a clean room. i got new sheets today! they have owls and trees and they are SO cute. flannel, too, so they will be warm. maybe i can find/post a picture of those. i dropped my computer off at frys last night, so i don't have one right now. i'm actually using brother's while he is out on a date. but yea i got that done & now i don't know what to do? maybe i will start crocheting cute/creepy things. :] or i have a handful of things that i can wrap, as well. i'm tired. tomorrow tyler, dad & i are going to make brother & garrett's guns. & then dad and i are going to frys - get a loaner and some christmas stuff from him. :] what else? this blog is super choppy and random. but i'm tired and my brain is not functioning at full capacity. with a 3 month old puppy at home, sleep is a rarity. he slept on my face last night. and on my neck. and my chest. it was nuts. but i'm going to get some sleep tonight, i'l make sure of it. i have to go - maybe i will do christmas cards. we'll see. have a good night everyone. i won't be so far away. :]


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