Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Break

This is the last week of my winter break. Well, it will start tomorrow. I am basically going to work through the whole thing and get the last long weeks check.  This semester I'm taking two business classes, macroeconomics, a nutrition class, as well as my microbiology lab. My business classes are online and so is my macroeconomics course. the business classes were only supposed to have one or two books a piece, but he just sent an e-mail out, and I now have two more to purchase. Blah. I'll wait until my FA disbursement comes to order those last two. I'm hoping the semester goes smoothly. My senior slump is kicking my butt right now, and I have to work through that. But other than that, I'm welcoming this semester with open arms.

I've been working on a purse w/my mom. I've been so bored just hanging out around my house. I ordered a bunch of books online to read but none of them have showed up. So I probably won't even be able to touch those until spring break. I will post pictures of my purse when I get it finished though. It's a little over halfway finished. :]

My brother's birthday is on Wednesday and we are going to Supercross on Saturday.  That will be the last hurrah before another painful semester. I'm almost done though, and I just keep telling myself that. That's my only hope. Haha. I'm off to watch the rest of the Cardinals game. I'll post more later, I just knew I needed a little bit of an update.


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