Saturday, January 3, 2009


i love my daddy. he posed for this picture with me. i couldn't even get tyler to take a picture with me. he's such a ham, and SO good at smiling and looking cute for pictures. =D. today the cardinals played their first playoff game of the season and did amazing. it was such a great game and i've never had that much fun watching a football game. dad and i were yelling like crazy. we dropped tyler and mo off at the stadium(i wanted to go, but we couldn't afford another ticket), and then we went to cabela's and to the grocery store. after that we watched the game and then started on dinner. went and picked up the boys with brother, got home and mom was asleep, and cooked the herbed goat cheese stuffed shrimp. dad and tyler LOVED it. i don't like shrimp, but the stuffing was amazing, and i will use it on bread and stuff too, now, it was great. i was up 'til 3AM this morning playing spore. it came in the mail yesterday, and i am OBSESSED. it's such a fun game. tomorrow i have to start working on dad's webpage. but for now i'm going to go lay down and relax, while tyler plays COD5 and maybe i'll play some of my game. 


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