Sunday, January 18, 2009


i move tomorrow. to my new house - for good. i've been there twice with family since thursday to get everything set up. today mom and i did a little of my basic grocery shopping. now it's my turn to step up and be a big girl & move. stressful, is the best word i can use to describe it. these last days have been crazy. they have really made me realize how much i hate chad johnson. it's disgusting. i mean i've always had little reasons here and there, and personal reasons, but all of this other stuff is just pushing it over the edge. but let's not get into that. i haven't had any time to post in here lately. i've been so busy packing and moving and stressing and being sick. UGH. but after tomorrow i think everything will start to smooth out a bit. i've been so tired i could pass out by like 6pm, it's hard not to, actually. like right now i'm dead tired. but i'm trying to ignore it the best i can. i'm so tired though, and i haven't been feeling very well at all. stress, i guess? i don't even know. the cardinals played the championship game today, and kicked BUTT! it was an amazingly stressful game and we won and we will be going to the superbowl - first time EVER! yay. i can't wait for that game. i'm listening to my all american rejects cd. i haven't had much time to listen to it, but jason and i bought all american rejects & linkin parks newest cds and traded and i love it. :). i don't know what else to talk about. i guess i will just have to post tomorrow about how being in the house alone is!


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