Saturday, February 14, 2009

long time

so i realize it has been entirely too long since i last posted. i have moved in an gotten through three weeks of classes. i have already managed to fail my first chemistry exam. my dad is really disappointed, and i hate myself more than i can explain. i'm really disappointed, and it feels terrible knowing i let him down. tyler took me out shopping for valentine's day today, and he bought me an asu softball bracelet, and this cute hair tie. i really couldn't find anything else i wanted. then later we went out and he bought me this cute pajama dress from macy's! :) now i'm sitting here falling asleep. a few days ago my truck overheated, and we had to fix that. stupid truck. and last night i played in my first two softball games with the team. we lost the first by a run and won the second by ten. :) it was an awesome experience being back on the field, and i'm so glad to be on a team with such awesome people. tomorrow i'll be going to bookstar to get this chemistry helper book, and then i will probably head home earlier than usual to do a lot of homework and studying. oh and tyler got my hair colored, too! it's a darkish-light brown, and i love it. the bottom is the cherry something again, but because the top is so dark you can't really tell. mom hates it, dad isn't sure, but i LOVE it so much. well i really am too tired to post anymore. happy valentine's day! time to go try on that nighty.


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