Saturday, November 14, 2009

total wine

so tonight tyler & i decided will be a drinking night? he plans on getting me drunk. so we went to the new Total Wine by my house and we got a bunch of random liquor. haha. we got:

UV Lemonade 30% alc./vol.
that shit is really strong, first of all. i'm going to taste them all as i post them on here. omg.

awful. omg. wtf is this shit? i am so bad at being an alcoholic. WHY does it taste so awful??

i'm honestly scared to open and taste this one after that last one. wow. okay. yea, just as bad. man i suck at this drinking thing.

tyler picked this for himself, guess he's never had it. so he's going to try it.

i also got a bottle of "the club long island iced tea", but it's in the freezer & i couldn't find a picture online. i think what we will do is make some mixed drinks with that other shit. i don't know. we'll figure it out. i'm so disturbed by the taste of all of this alcohol. haha.


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