Monday, December 29, 2008


i was spending some time reviewing my DARS report at ASU, and it's so interesting seeing how everything i've done so far at PC has transferred over and what i still have left to finish. it sucks because most of what i have left is science stuff. there are nutrition courses in there, but the big stuff is all chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and all of that kind of stuff. i only have 39 more credits that i need to fulfill though, and dad and i did the math, if i take 15 credits a semester i'll be done in less than two years. we had planned on two. but we will see how all of that works out. we need to get the payment made to williams campus housing today, too. because we don't want that to be late. i have a 3.68 GPA in my major, but only a 2.0 in my general studies. that's only because i got a C in beatles at ASU, and i think that's what they counted that for. but like dad and i were saying, i got a 3.00 for the semester at PC and a 2.o0 for the semester at ASU, if you combine those, that's a 5.00, and that makes me a genius, pretty much. =D. time to shower, pack, clean, and work.


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