Monday, December 29, 2008


tyler, my parents, and i watched wanted and it was actually pretty good. it was way corny and over-done, but i actually enjoyed watching it. there was a lot of blood and bad language, but the overall idea and picture of the movie satisfied me. i don't like movies like that at all, but i actually found the main character(wesley - james mcavoy) to be pretty hot. =D

so tonight i came home from work and went straight to work on dad's desk. he has been stressing about mexico, the pool, his desk, bills, and a lot of stuff. so i decided to take the initiative to get that cleaned. after i started to organize all of the bills and then start to pay them and record where and how everything gets paid. that way when i move he will be able to do it all on his own without me. i think it bothers him thinking he will have to do it all but we will see. 

i got online and did some research about all of the books that i'm missing for chemistry. i figured it all out and got them ordered, and then i called matt and asked him about his mat142 book. he's going to sell it to me, which is awesome. so now i'm officially done. except that i have to get my mastering chemistry and some other login, but i'm going to wait until the teacher talks about it. i got my syllabus from my NTR150 teacher. the course is going to be awesome. it's a bunch of different types of dietitians speaking, and basically we get 5  points a week for going to class, and we have a project and a paper and that's it. there's no final or anything, it's just listening to the guest speakers and learning about all of the different options for our degree. i think it will be awesome to hear about all of their experiences and stuff. i e-mailed abigail today and asked about whether or not there was any word on a 3rd housemate and she said not yet. i wonder if it will just be melanie and me?

i still have to do laundry and pack for mexico. i talked to john and i was like "do we work wednesday or friday?" "no." "okay, then i'm going to mexico." so that wasn't as bad as i had expected. i worked like 4 hours and got a bunch of the fedex stuff done for him. tomorrow i will get the rest of the stuff done, i just got really dizzy and really tired and unfocused and had to get out of there. i have to go get my laundry ready to wash. tomorrow mom and i have a lot of places to go. we have to get insurance and i have to get some things on my list and look for my cinderella toaster(hopefully it's still there). 

i really want to see becoming jane.


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