Sunday, December 28, 2008


this was yesterday. tyler took us to play in the snow in flagstaff. although it was extremely cold, it was a great time. i've never really had a chance to play in the snow, and even though i couldn't walk too well in it, and i fell a lot, it was exciting. we are planning on going back soon, hopefully at the beginning of the year. 

dad and brother went and picked up the toy hauler so we can get everything packed and ready for rocky point on wednesday. i haven't told john that i need the time off, or that when i get back i'll be giving my two weeks. it's kind of intimidating thinking about how i have to move. i think i have most of that stuff purchased, i just have to get more stuff packed and ready. i've been slacking big time because of the holidays and stuff. and now getting ready to go to mexico for new years. 

today we are just relaxing, watching the cardinals game, had paradise for lunch, and getting ready for the week. although it will be very short for all of us. mom got her old tv in my room since mine broke, so i'm happy about that. i'm going to go hang out with tyler. it's going to be so weird not being able to see him whenever i want. i'm just very thankful that it's only about an hour from home, and not much more than that!


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