Sunday, September 27, 2009

it's sunday, already?

i can't believe it's already 7PM on sunday night. today drug ass, and now that the game is on, the clock won't stop turning! haha. :( that means that the week is coming in like, 12 hours. LESS than twelve hours. i have to be up in 11 hours!!! :( the cardinals are stinking up the stadium. thanks to DRC(hopefully they take him out right now). tyler and i made onion rings for dinner, while mom made sliders. it was a really good dinner, but i feel really sick right now. typical. too much grease, probably. haha. i printed off my histology ppt for tomorrow for lab, and now i'm relaxing. i'm supposed to bring my jump drive, but guess what! I LOST IT! ugh. i'm so mad at myself, i can't even explain. so i have to go to wal-mart tonight and buy a new one. most people aren't going to be open after the game is over, since it's sunday and it will be after 8. i have had the laziest day ever today. i've not really done anything. tyler and i got home from his house around 7:30, and we took tucker to the vet at 9. we went and picked up starbucks and gas, and then came home and did NOTHING. got lunch at KFC for everyone at 1 and then picked tucker back up at 3. he loves to be home. he makes us all so very happy when he is here, haha. i'm tired and my body is quitting on me. it's only 7, and i have to go all the way back up to the store tonight!! :(

my anatomy teacher never posted our grades from last monday. and he didn't post up the make-up exam obviously if there isn't anything to make up. i'm pissed. but what are you going to do?! haha. this is a very whiny post today.

don't even get me started on being lectured by my brother about how the "f word" is a bad word, and i shouldn't use it. and how he doesn't like it and doesn't like to say it. and all of this crap. haha. UGH! garbage.

THIS FOOTBALL GAME!!! is pissing me off, too! haha. :( alright, i'm going to quit whining and make myself useful. in babes lap sleeping 'til the game is over. :) goodnight!ish. haha.

PS/ i'm buying the pink one tonight. haha.


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