Saturday, September 12, 2009

my birthday.

my birthday was successful. brother got me a great and thoughtful gift. in a little wooden box with some glass seed beads and a glass turtle charm to make into a necklace! so i have to figure something out to make that super cute!! :) last night was fabulous. our team kicked ASS!!! debbie's kids made me brownies, and we all shared them after we dominated last night. 2-0! the team is on FIRE!!! :)

tyler got me my scooter!!! and dad got me my backpack! the backpack isn't cute, and it's HUGE, but it's awesome. it has a built-in lunchbox, and everything! so i don't have to bring two bags! that's exciting. here those two are, and then i'll take another pic of the stuff brother got me tonight. :)


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