Monday, September 28, 2009

accomplishing things

i'm officially starting to feel like i've accomplished some things. today i worked an extra hour, i rode the light rail home, got dinner, and started on homework. i got about 50-60% of my re-test done while watching house(good episode, LOVE that show) and did my microbiology lecture task that is due thursday. i also read my assignment for microbiology tomorrow(most of it, i have to finish reading it tonight or tomorrow after i get home from mesa before class). i went for a walk with brother around the neighborhood, we walked about a mile, and talked about the stresses of employment. i came home and watered the yard for dad, and now i'm talking to tawnya online, kind of texting tyler but not really, and considering sleep. i am thinking about reviewing the last couple of lectures worth of notes for nutrition because i have a feeling we will be having a quiz tomorrow, since the test is next week and we haven't had a quiz yet.  anyways, i'm tired & my contacts hurt. (yes, my CONTACTS hurt, not my eyes. shut up) and i'm going to sleep, i think. goodnight.


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