Thursday, September 24, 2009


so today i am at work! and i realize that i am again falling behind on my posting. okay i'm not really falling behind, i already fell behind. i'm doing terribly at trying to catch up! i've accomplished my anatomy and my microbiology exams, and i'm still waiting on my scores on though. i did my two lab quizzes monday and got a 100% and a 60%. not bad for feeling like garbage! i'm at work, and it's not SUPER busy, but there is enough to keep me busy. i need to go to the little dorm store down the street and pick up some chapstick! my lips hurt REAL bad!!! (hehe) my throat is like garbage again, and i'm annoyed. it's hurting, and ugh! why?! why won't this go away? :(

anyways! (got distracted by tanae, and now i don't know what i'm talking about anymore). oh btw, tanae calls me Pearl now. haha. because i'm one of her only white friends...i thought that was funny. haha!

so i don't know what else to post about. i have some nutrition homework due by midnight? that's always exciting. and i have been studying stats when i don't have much going on. i don't have any coloring pages due next week, and no quizzes to study for, so that helps!! it's nice to have a break from that. next week: histology...UGH. haha!

softball will be fun tomorrow! we are working on a t-shirt design (beth and i are) and my design is going to be the one we use, but we have to figure out what color the shirt is going to be, now. our team is doing really well. right now we are 3-1. we just HAVE it this season, and everyone is doing really well. our morale is way up, which feels great as a team. hopefully i will start feeling better and tyler and i will be able to go out with the team after games. haha. i just have to shake this thing!

tawnya and i have been talking about hanging out, and last night we were supposed to but she didn't text me when she got off like she was supposed to. no big deal, i just waited until 10:30 and went to sleep. i shouldn't have waited that long, but oh well. that's a whole other complicated deal.

i have to get back to work. this was really random and dumb. i'll try and think of something even more interesting to post about...hmm.


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