Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i just spent about an hour or so applying for a bunch more admin/clerical jobs on craig's list. i re-did my resume, made it really spiffy, and sent it off to a couple of places. i will also fax my resume over to a couple of places who said that was an option as well. may as well send it to them both places, what if they don't get it?! :) i applied at costco a week or so ago, also. they are opening the new one at PV mall, and cousin said i should apply, so i did! i just need to find something very part-time. dad doesn't want me to work at all, but i'm going insane not having money, and he is REALLY struggling right now. i can't bear to watch that much longer. not any longer at all, to be honest. he and i sent off my tax returns finally, well my amended ones. and we filled out and submitted my fafsa. tuition is due in 7 days, and i don't have any idea how we are going to pay it. we will figure something out, we always do! there is so much coming up in the next month or so. i can't believe it's already august!!! mid-august, almost!! school starts soon, aunt marsha is coming, summmer school will be ending, my birthday is coming, dad's birthday is coming, which means a whole train of stuff comes after that! i need to go to sleep now. i've been letting restaurant city run in the background, and i've leveled up 2x already today. i hope by tomorrow i can hit a level 15 and be able to serve drinks, as well! goodnight.

EDIT: i just spent another hour applying for tons more. through fax & e-mail. i hope one of these works out. i need money, and i need to be able to help my dad out. i got a reply on one of them, wanting me to come in for an interview, but it was "P/T 9-5 M-Th" don't think so...can't do that! so i'll wait for more replies!



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