Monday, August 10, 2009

to-do list 5

.help dad on camping stuff
.take couch to cousin's apt -friday?
.figure out how to get the mud off of my quad
.watch the rest of Coraline
.learn how to knit (IN PROGRESS!)
.finish my fat purple purse (IN PROGRESS!)
.call BCBS about ortho (IN PROGRESS!) - on hold until tuesday
.call Dr. C's office about allergy drops -(DONE!)
.pick up lasagna & pish from bfff (DONE!) - she dropped them off
.mail taxes (DONE!)
.do laundry (DONE!)
.file FAFSA (DONE!)
.paint my toes (DONE!)
.help dad with FB again (DONE!)
.clean my room (DONE!)
.chemistry homework. (DONE!)
.tutor appointment at 6 (DONE!)
.call UHC about Seasonique (DONE!)
.change wiper blades (DONE!) - thanks, brother!
.water the yard (DONE!)
.pick tyler up from work (DONE!)

so far i've made it to about 40 popularity on my restaurant, today. that makes me very happy! :)
i also spent the morning accepting 44 gift requests for farm town, 30 for farmville & 21 for roller coaster kingdom...going on vacation takes a lot of recovery work...haha!

i started watching supercross with brother, and although i don't have enough time to watch it right now, i want to. it's fantastic so far. i'll figure out when i can watch it again. :)


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