Thursday, August 20, 2009


this is going to be quick, because i have a lot on my plate right now.

:uncle john passed away yesterday at 4:30AM. (dad's brother). everyone is flying out here this afternoon to figure out funeral arrangements and stuff. no details yet, but it should be an interesting weekend. dad took today and tomorrow off of work.
:dad and i went and ordered me new contacts. these headaches have been killing me and we are hoping it's from wearing glasses, and not from the allergy drops.
:the sores on the inside of my mouth seem to be going away a little bit, but i've been using this cold sore fever blister stuff so it numbs it for a little while.
:dad, aunt lee, george, and i are going downtown to the ASU bookstore so i can order my textbooks and she can use her 10% off employee discount.
:i went to a job interview yesterday at ASU. it was for the advising department of the Nursing building. i'm really hoping i get this job. it's only $8/hr., but it's $8 more an hour than what i'm making right now...
:vanessa leaves tomorrow so brother has been over there a lot, when i honestly think he should be home spending time with dad after his brother passed away. i've said something to him already, but he's not listening.
:school starts monday and it's kind of stressing me out!

that's all i can think of to write about right now. i'm not sure i have anything else to say.


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