Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday, bloody sunday!!!

things to do today:
.chemistry homework.
.chemistry labs.
.help dad w/his stuff.
.go fishing w/tyler again tonight??
.help dad figure out dinner. (DONE!)
.figure out transportation. (DONE!)
.watch coraline. (DONE!)
.dorm-ify my bedroom. (DONE-ish!)
.help brother with his resume. (DONE!)
.print off lightrail/ASU shuttle schedules. (DONE!)

i have been thinking, and been kind of sad, because tawnya pretty much fell off the face of the earth...i talked to her a little bit friday and she said she wanted to come play softball, and that she would call/text me when she got off at 6, and i haven't heard from her since. and i hadn't heard much from her lately, anyways. she watched pig pig, which i was so thankful for, and then after she dropped her off i've not really talked to her. it makes me feel bad because i start school, and i think she does, too, on the 24th, and i won't ever have time for anyone. so this should be prime time for us. but i guess everyone thinks about things differently?

last night tyler, garrett, and i went urban fishing at papago park. that was SO awesome. we didn't catch anything, but we had a ton of bites. we didn't get to fish long because garrett wasn't home when we got there to pick him up, and by the time we got to papago, the sun was almost down. we might go back tonight, but they are out there right now. i don't have the gas to get there again. haha. :(

i'm still trying to find work. i'm applying everywhere i can think of. i'm waiting to hear back from the ASU jobs & craig's list stuff. also i'm waiting to hear back from costco. i just need a job. at least i got the loan, but it really covered tuition and BARELY covers my books. :( i'll figure something out. i'm going to go dorm-ify my bedroom, now. just wanted to put up my to-do list, and vent a little. OH and i have to go take my allergy drops!


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