Saturday, August 15, 2009


i've not been posting regularly, yet again. but i've been really busy. i'm trying to stay on top of chemistry, while trying to figure out what i'm doing about next semester, transportation, tuition, etc. i've been taking my allergy drops, (took them out of order yesterday) and today i feel like garbage. my throat and nose are killing me and so is my head. i had a headache last night and i have one again today. i'm getting over it though. i just can't wait for these things to start working. that will be awesome.

last night we had a really good practice. it was so much fun. i'm so stoked for the upcoming season. it's going to be awesome since it's going to be nice again. unlike last time, it was way too hot. (note to self, summer season is out next year).

i can't believe that school starts in 9 days. that's intensely stressful, and i still can't figure out how i'm going to manage all of it. i have applied for tons of jobs to have funding to live, but it's not going so well. man. things are crazy lately.

i started reading the time travelers wife over. it had been too long since i've started it, and now i want to read it again and go see the movie.

i'm going to get off. just a bunch of random little tidbits for now. i'm off to do some chemistry, i think? or nap. my head isn't happy right now.


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