Sunday, August 16, 2009


so i got a lot done today, for the most part.

i got my room worked on, got my vanity & closet cleaned out. i went through a lot of old paperwork from last semester and the semester before and put that away if i didn't throw it away. i went with mom and dad to chuy's and smart and final, too. then i came home and did more work on my room and hung out. i've been really tired and not feeling too well all day. and then like the last couple of nights i get a gross headache at night. these allergy drops better start treating me better than they have been...stupids. haha. i don't know what's in store for this week. mom wants to do a bunch of stuff before my aunt marsha gets here. i keep forgetting that's in like, two weeks. i also don't realize every time school comes up in my head that it's really only one week away. i don't even have my books or anything! my loan will be disbursed on wednesday, though. and then i can figure out what to do with books after i pay my tuition. i've been really bored tonight. i worked on brother's resume for him so he can go apply at a couple of places tomorrow, since his work is jacking him around. tyler didn't come over because he looked like a tomato i guess after he fished with g for 4 hours without a hat or sunblock. that kid is a genius, sometimes, i tell you! i started to work on chemistry, but my mind just isn't in it. my back is hurting sitting in my desk chair too. (this post is full of!) but i think i'm going to go lay in bed and read some more of a time travelers wife. i think i mentioned before that i had to start re-reading it. i will post again tomorrow. i'm sure i'll have a pretty big to do list to work on. goodnight.


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