Sunday, October 11, 2009

friday, saturday, sunday.

so friday was NOT a good day. i woke up and was miserable all day. i had the most intense cramps and felt awful for the entire day. tyler picked me up early and i went to his house and slept, because i had an extra hour of time at work. then we left to softball. when we got there i realllllllly had to pee because we were stuck in 5 oclock traffic forever. so i put my stuff down and went to run to the bathroom. when i did, i pulled something in my knee, and it hurt really bad. i got over it, only felt it if i really bent my knee, but i did alright for the two games. i actually hit a triple! :) we did amazing both games, and really played like a team. i think it was our new team shirts!! haha. but then umm. so we went to frys electronics to get tyler a bridge, and got a ton of comments on our shirts. then we came home after getting wings and stuff, and i went to sleep. when i woke up, i went to stand up, and i couldn't bend or straighten my leg. i hobbled into mom's room and she could see that my knee was swollen. so i tried walking on it some and i couldn't. my i couldn't bend it at all or it would shoot pain up my leg. i was pissssssed. so i iced it and heated it most of the day. i went to sams club with mom and dad, refused a wheelchair, and hobbled all around the store. i regretted that afterwards. my calves are SO sore today, using muscles i've never used before. haha. but thats how the day went. then tyler and i watched star wars 2. and that was that.

when i woke up today it doesn't hurt as bad to walk, but my entire leg is swollen. my mom wanted to take a picture of my feet, but i said no way! haha. so now i'm being forced to keep it up alllll day. (well, until i take tyler to the football game in a couple of hours). that's kind of okay, though. because i totally have to study big time. i have an anatomy test AND an anatomy practical tomorrow. and then my statistics midterm opens tomorrow. plus i have my microbiology lecture task to turn in. so it's going to be a crazy study-filled day. i think i will veg out in front of the game. :)

**to-do today:**
<3 study for anatomy test
<3 study for anatomy practical
<3 microbiology lecture task
<3 statistics chapters


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