Thursday, October 8, 2009

hello, thursday.

today started off as a very, very grouchy day! and although i did not end up being late to work, i am still a little bit grouchy. my body just won't wake up, or come out of this funk! although i discovered a few minutes ago perhaps why i'm so grouchy, but that's beside the point. >(

last night i had a great time with tayler! got off of work and then met up with her in front of taylor place. then we walked around downtown looking for food, FYI, NOTHING is open after 4 down here. we ended up going to Z Pizza and i had a salad. she ate some weird curry yam something pizza, FUNKY business. :) then we realized that as we were walking to the park to watch the water, that we didn't have paper for the mock practical. so we went back to her dorm and got paper, then went and hung out in ucent until it started. i walked her back towards her dorm and brother picked me up at 8, and then brought me home. dad and i left to fill my truck up with gas, and then we went to bashas'. their frozen michelena's dinners are 10/$10 so i got 5 of those. :) that was my night. talked to tawnya for a little bit, but she wasn't super excited/talkative really. made me sad.

today i have a 40% off coupon for borders, and i have no idea what i want to buy. i've been really wanting to go buy a new book, but i don't know what's out or what's good anymore. i don't have time to read, really, either. so i should probably just save my money for now. until i find something i absolutely need. not that i "absolutely" need anything right now. haha.

tanae just invited me to go see paranormal activity with her tonight. i'm really scared to go, but i want to. it sucks because it doesn't play 'til midnight. but it's a limited engagement thing, so it's not always playing. i don't know...i want to, but i'm a chicken. haha. when people faint in the theatre, that doesn't sound so enticing to me. even if it's only 86 minutes long. we will see. :)

**things to be excited about today:**
<3 mr. hall said there is no lecture due online today!!
<3 it's thursday. that means it's almost friday which means it's almost the weekend so i can sleeeeeep!


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