Friday, October 23, 2009

life as i know it.

everything around me has been nuts lately! i don't even know how to keep up with all of the things going on. i should have read my last entry to figure out what i already talked about. but i'll just start a new little list of the craziness.

<3 work is alright! it slowed down for a couple of days, and i got caught up! but it's starting up again monday for the next two weeks.
<3 tuesday brother, matt, and i went riding at rio verde. it was a long ride, kind of scary, but i did it. we found the river, which means water and dirt and mud. and you  bet your ass i took full advantage of that. so i have to clean my quad this weekend. it was so cool.
<3 i got sick today after lunch. it reminds me how amazing it is that i kind of conquered that whole mess. but it's not all the way gone, and i have to remind myself of that sometimes. i guess that's what it was today. a reminder.
<3 tayler and i have been hanging out. it's dumb because her phone is still off, so it's hit and miss. but we went to some craft stores so i could get that bunny fanny pack made for jenn. she loved it, btw. and she will take some pictures of it and then send them to me so i can post them.
<3 last two games of the regular season are tonight. we play ATV and One Hit Wonders. then the tournament starts next week, double elimination. i think xavier is coming tonight and bethany is bringing her new boyfriend. aunt lee will be there, too. tawyna was supposed to play, but i guess she has strep or something. i'm not sure who is covering for her, but i told mike and we decided it was beth's problem.
<3 tyler and i might be going to the fair on saturday, but i think we might just wait and go next week during the week so it's not so busy.
<3 tayler, tyler, and i will be hanging out on halloween. tyler and i have been trying to figure out what we are going to dress up as. we went to walmart to buy patterns yesterday but i realized i just don't have the time or money to make anything like that this year. next year, maybe.
<3 november 7th is my registration date for next semester, so on the 1st the schedule comes out and i will narrow down some classes. then brent and i will go over it and figure out exactly what i'm going to do. i'm ready for school to be over. but i was talking to matt, and i'm like WTF am i going to do with my life when i'm not a full time student? i couldn't imagine working all day everyday. EWW! haha.

i have to get back to work. i will finish this later. :)


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