Monday, October 19, 2009

this weekend

this weekend was a little intense. i think i'll just make a short post that includes a few highlights. :)

<3 got out of work 30 minutes early, thanks sara!
<3 softball at 8:30. won one & lost the other.
<3 bethany, james, & riley came.
(they brought my bday cookies)
(bethany called me a fickle friend...)
<3 tawnya, chris, & christopher came.
<3 tyler spent the night, we went to bed around 11:30/12.

<3 tyler & i woke up and went to harbor freight.
(got a bug zapper, and some WD-40 for dad)
<3 got ready and went to the lucas oil off road races!!
(had a great time, the spot was PERFECT)
<3 there was a bus of drunk college kids. kinda obnoxious.
<3 tyler and i got into a fight.
(it was about me having male friends, i got angry though, and he knew it.)

<3 woke up early, had breakfast, and headed home.
<3 dropped off our stuff & tyler and i went to wash our vehicles.
<3 came home, showered, and went to get lunch.
<3 ate, watched some football, and i worked on stats.
<3 finished two hw assignments and a quiz for stats & anatomy coloring
<3 rode bikes with tyler to granada park, fed the ducks in the dark.
<3 mom told me it looked like i had a baby bump. better start working out.

that's the end of my weekend. nothing amazing, just a bunch of random things. the thing between tyler and i isn't really resolved, but eventually it will be. i might post more about it later.

agenda for today:
<3 got some hotchocolatecoffee & mom brought me to work.
<3 work, anatomy lecture, anatomy lab, and then more work!
<3 home (not sure how, yet), dinner, and stats quiz & midterm.
<3 clean pig pigs cage. it is due for a good cleaning, i just haven't had time!
<3 dollar store to get halloween bags to fill with leaves for shredded stuff at work. :)
<3 going to the Y to get a free ASU membership w/tayler after work!

that's it for now. i'm sure i'll find more things that i need to add to it throughout the day! happy monday!


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