Thursday, May 7, 2009


I got my first grade of my first full semester at ASU! It's an A-! I knew my nutrition teacher loved me, haha! But I really tried in that class. I couldn't be more happy. This is such fantastic news. I worked so hard and it's starting to show. Man, what a great thing to add to my day! I got one more section of math completed, so I only have one more to finish before tomorrow morning! Then I have to do the chapter outline for 2000-2009 for my history class, and the final in there, and in math at 7:30AM tomorrow, and I will be DONE! I got my english self-evaluation finished around 11 today, and just finished that math section about 10 minutes ago. Off to do the other, and some history! :) YAY!

P.S. Tawnya came over and we went to Borders to get my G Free Diet book, and it was $25! I was like, no thanks, I'll go somewhere else. It says online it's a lot cheaper, but I just couldn't believe they would charge that much. I think I may even wait for the paperback version to come out, because I think that's on its way out soon, as well.

P.S.S.This Mother's Day party that we are planning for Sunday is kind of blowing up, haha! It will be the four of us, Tyler & his mom and brother, Tawyna and her two boys, my aunt and her husband and maybe girls, Tawnya's mom and dad, AND Bethany and James w/Riley! This is going to be an awesome time, hope it's warm enough to swim, and I'm CRAVING this mexican food immensely right now!


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