Monday, May 11, 2009


chemistry is going to be my life for the next 16 weeks. i will live, sleep, eat, breathe it. i will do everything in my power not only to pass it, but to get an A. kind of sad that it won't transfer to ASU as an A, only a pass/fail, but in my heart i will know that i did it. i spent the day paying for the class, registering for Mastering Chemistry again, all of that fun stuff. i printed off the assignment calendars and the first couple of sections, and i completed the first of the homework assignments and ordered my home lab kit which should be here by around Friday. i went with mom to Sam's Club for a few things, and my sore throat kicked it up a notch. i'm scared because Bethany had strep a couple of days ago, and if I have it too, i'm going to be pretty frustrated. i hate amoxicillin. tomorrow i will spend the day shopping with Bethany, much to Tyler's dismay. and then on Wednesday mom and i will be driving dad's big truck to mesa so that i can empty out the house and at least have my room cleaned up. i have to get my fan fixed in my room here, as well. but i wouldn't have a clue as to how to go about doing's way off balance and looks like it's going to fall down. i need to clean Lasagna's cage, too. it's hot in there, and i feel bad for her, so i may move her back out here to the living room for a few weeks. we will see how that goes. i'm not sure if there is anything else going on really. i'm OBSESSED with farm town on facebook, and when i'm not doing that or reading or doing homework, that's where you will find me. i'll probably post later. i'm not sure whether or not tyler is going to be here tonight, we will see!


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