Wednesday, May 13, 2009


here is a list of things that i could/should be doing:

1. finding and unpacking my chemistry book.
2. reading my chemistry chapters.
3. working on my horses.
4. reading my book.
5. sorting through mounds of laundry.
6. unloading my truck from mesa.
7. figuring out how to organize my room.
8. unpacking the boxes from my truck.
9. getting goodwill stuff together.
10. cleaning lasagna's cage.pretty sure i did that at midnight...
11. watching the tale of despereaux.
12. hanging out with tawnya.(cousin)
13. helping mom with dinner.
14. trying to figure out how to balance my fan.
15. cleaning up the living room.
16. the actual cleaning and organizing of my room.
17. finding and unpacking my tv remote.
18. going to mesa to get my NEW DESK!!!
19. putting all of my laundry back into it's correct places.

the list goes on and on, and still i'm sitting here doing absolutely nothing...


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