Saturday, May 30, 2009


i have been doing a fantastic job of keeping up with my to-do list that i previously posted. i am adding to it as things come up, and i'm still getting them taken care of in a fairly smooth manner. last night was our last scrimmage/practice before the season starts on june 12th. i am very excited, i was all over the bats yesterday, and that's awesome. good things will come from that, i'm sure! it took me long enough to start to feel it again. today i plan on going swimming, the pool is nothing short of extremely inviting today. i definitely need to swim some laps, that's for darn sure. i'm stressing out about money, a lot. but i'm still looking for jobs, so it's not like i'm not putting in ANY effort. i gave away my 5 tickets i got for the diamondbacks, i was going to go but my back is killing me today, and tomorrow is mom's birthday. OH i talked to brother and we have decided that for dad's birthday we will get him tickets to the monster jam. he wanted to go in january but we couldn't with everything going on. but we have to figure out what to get for mom's birthday tomorrow, and that's proving to be QUITE the challenge...haha. what do you get for the mom who has EVERYTHING?! i must be off to discover new things...


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