Saturday, May 2, 2009

last week

This is officially the last week of the semester, and the end of my first semester at ASU full-time. I am stressing so much over not having a job, not having money, and not having a place to leave to go to school next semester. I'm pretty sure Tyler and I will be moving out together shortly, but I have to find out whether or not I can even figure out how to pay for the next semester. I'm excited for summer school and stuff, I guess. I hate more than anything that I have to take chemistry again, but I will conquer it this time. I got a "Dimensional Man" yesterday at Borders for $20. I named him Franklin. I know I need to post a lot more but I really don't want to...So I'll post again another time, when I'm not so bored and tired and L A Z Y.


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