Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to do

.chemistry homework - 2 more problems.
.call insurance company about windshields
.watch harry potter & the sorcerers stone
.return taken to blockbuster
.return slumdog to redbox

.rechargeable battery for my wii fit
.shopping for shorts/summer stuff

.phone bill
.buffalo wild wings with bfff, cousin, and brother & his friends

.taxes stuff
.teach mom farm town
.dad's web page
.fix macbook cooling fan
.buy new macbook cooling fan
.work on dad's zune
.set up wii fit in living room
.water the yards
.bathroom box in living room

.job applications
.find asu paperwork
.to frys to buy propel body for softball
.pay phone bill for brother & tyler
.babysit christopher - 9AM friday!
.starbucks with tyler
.cash money order for softball
.return rechargeable battery for wii fit


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