Friday, July 17, 2009


so yesterday i did my first workout with active personal trainer for wii. i've never done something so strenuous, i don't think. it doesn't help that it was already a tad warm in my house, but i've never sweat like that before. she had me doing a walk/run to start(short), some bicep curls, another run(medium), some arm stuff, some lunges, some squats, some other things, and another run(long). it was intense. but it felt really good when it was over, except that i felt like jello all over. haha. i finished the 22 minute workout in 18 minutes, though. so that was awesome. it's going to be great once i finish the 30 day challenge!!! oh and i failed to mention that was a "low intensity" workout versus the medium or high...crazy lady!


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