Sunday, July 12, 2009

tawnya's presents

this post is a little late, but i've been busy! :)

this was when i finally got it sewed together, trying to decide how i'm going to put it together. i couldn't decide if i wanted to make it a book bag, or a real purse-like bag.

here is a finished picture. we realized after it was over that we needed to put fabric on the inside of the straps so that it wouldn't be super stretchy, but by the time my mind realized this it was too late and time for her party.

here's the inside. i took off all of the strings and stuff. it was a cute fabric i think, but for my first real crochet project, and just using what i had around, i think it turned out nicely.

i got her this stuff too.

and this is the last of it. it wasn't much, but it was the thought that counts. mom made her the bookmark and the monkey. :)

happy birthday, bfff!


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