Thursday, July 2, 2009


it's thursday before the 4th of july weekend, and i don't really think anyone has plans? i was invited to go watch some fireworks with bethany & ash tomorrow, but...i don't know. i just have so many mixed emotions about all of that right now. i'm just having such a hard time understanding it all, and taking it all in. it's just so sad to me, it seriously breaks my heart. but, yea. so i don't know. my dad talked about having a little barbeque thing here this weekend, sometime. we will invite my aunt, and maybe xavier, i dunno who else yet, we haven't really talked about it. softball is cancelled though, which is kinda sad, except not? haha. everyone (well ALMOST everyone) has the day off tomorrow, so it will be cool to just hang out and relax all weekend. i've been really trying to help dad out with stuff around here. it's the least i can do, seeing as i can't find any outside employment.

my stupid macbook is falling apart, it's driving me nuts. the stupid cd-rom drive died this morning when i went to play sims. and the usb port on the right side is broken. i'm so frustrated. everyone was like apple is so fantastic it's the greatest ever, never had any problems. WHATEVER. that's the biggest crock of crap i've ever heard. stupid apple people.

it's been fun to reminisce about old stuff with people lately, too. that's always so much fun when you can think of all of the things that have happened to get you to where you are right now. what a crazy roller coaster my life has been. i'm so tired, though, and it's hard to stay motivated on anything. but we're dealing with that slowly, but surely. i've got more stuff to take care of. off i go!


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