Wednesday, July 1, 2009

craig's list

i've become a little bit of a craig's list fanatic.

i'm selling anything i can think of to get money to help out myself, and my daddy in these times of need. there is really a lot of things around here that don't necessarily do us any good, so why not make a bit of a profit? it's much easier than setting up a yard sale. especially in this heat, that's NO FUN at all!

so far i've listed:
♥dad's old atari
♥my fox riding pants (SO sad i grew out of them!!!)
♥my old mountain bike

to be listed:
♥more bikes
♥sega genesis & games
♥playstation & games
♥dirtbike tires

edit: i got an email about the atari and the bike. he wants pictures of the bike, so i will send them to him tomorrow!


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