Sunday, July 19, 2009


i've accomplished much today, but also very little. i got the trailer cleaned up with dad, and then we packed it up and hooked it back up to his truck and took it back to tempe. it was hot as heck, but we made it without any faults. minus losing 2 locks, one of which we found later. but we got that put back, so it's not in front of the house. we are going camping next week i think instead of this week since brother is still really sick. i'm praying i don't get it, but i'm also trying to talk to him and keep him company in his room, so we will see what happens. tyler wants me to go with them on friday, but i have to talk to dad and mom about it first. today i have homework to accomplish, and i have to work out. having that rest yesterday was amazing, because i hurt everywhere and pretty much had a hard time moving. today i'm still sore, but not like i was at all. so i will do that. and dad and i went to sam's club and fry's too, we are making pork tenderloin for supper!!! tasty life. i'm going to work on some of my to-do list. i've been doing pretty amazing with no soda. i haven't had it in well over a week, and i've drank a ton of water, which is really good, and a lot easier than i thought it would be. tyler is here. until later<3.


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