Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bass pro

yesterday tyler came over and picked me up for lunch. we went to basha's to get stuff for me to make baked ziti for dinner. and then we got subway and came home. after i ate lunch, i started on dinner. it tasted pretty good, for the most part, it was exciting! after that, tyler, tawnya, and i went to bass pro. well first i went and picked her up, and hung out there with her, chris, and my handsome little lover christopher. and then we went to tyler's, he took us to starbucks for black tea lemonades, and we went. we spent a couple hours there, i'd say. we looked forever at the fishing lures, trying to find the best ones. i got two and tyler got three. and then we got tyler's little brother silas a shirt so we can send it to him in washington. because apparently they don't have a bass pro there? but yea. we did that, and it was a lot of fun. today we are supposed to hang out before tyler gets off of work, but i haven't talked to her, and it makes me sad! today is her last day of not working for like 4 or 6 days, too. so it would be perfect. :( but anyways. i got the insurance paperwork from the lady at the orthodontist, so i have to deal with that, now. <3


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