Friday, July 17, 2009

recent events

tyler came over yesterday when i was finishing up my workout. we went to walgreens to get my ever so ungrateful and ill brother some medicine, and picked up a few other things for him. we got some jello (strawberry and raspberry) and mixed in a can of fruit cocktail and a can of sliced peaches. (the peaches were an accident...) haha. and then we watched the haunting in connecticut from redbox(our new favorite thing) haha. it was crazy. it was based on a true story, so it was more real to me. and the main boy was ill and that was really hard to watch. he was hot though, for being really sick. but i only screamed a couple times, and once i made tyler jump too! but he won't admit it. haha. i know what i saw.

tonight is softball. we play another two games, but thankfully they don't start until 8:30 so the sun will be down and it won't be as treacherous outside for us to play. we were short a girl because i guess carrie is doing something, so i asked tawnya if she could get off of work early, and she is going to try. if nothing else we can have her play the 9:30 game, she can't possibly be late for that one! it just sucks ending so late, but after games i'm so tired and ready for sleep anyways that it really doesn't even matter. we are going to frys electronics with dad on our way to the game, too. he has to get some stuff for his servers.

this weekend we are having a pool party, i think. tawnya, christopher, and chris are going to come over. i think we will invite xavier if he comes tonight, and then see whoever else wants to come by. i talked to dad about it and he said it would be fine. beats sitting around all weekend being bored and lazy. that's no fun for anyone. :)


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