Thursday, July 16, 2009


i went on a sort of shopping spree today...

i got:

.wii active personal trainer
.the book "the secret"
.a new jumprope
.purple pillow with arms!!

i only spent $15 on the active (had a $50 gift card)
and $12 was paid for in bookmans credit
anddd daddy let me buy the pillow for $13
oh & the jumprope was at the dollar store :)!

today i've done the following!!!
.bookmans with mom.
.hobby bench for eyes for turtle with mom.
.game stop with mom.
.walmart with mom.
.grocery store with mom.
.call orthodontist & leave message for amy.
.fax allergy stuff to dr. wong's office.
.call walgreens for daddy.
.help daddy cancel his credit card.
.water the yard.
.worked out for 18+ minutes on that damn personal trainer, WHOOPED MY ASS!!!


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