Tuesday, July 14, 2009

little amigurumi hippo

i finished my first amigurumi animal today. it turned out pretty cute for my first time making anything that wasn't a square or a rectangle...haha. here are a couple of pictures.
for some reason he looks grey, but really he's a light purple color.
i don't like the nostrils at all, but tomorrow i'll take them out and do them again.

i have not been feeling well at all today so this kind of helped me to relax. i've had a head, back, and neck ache all day, and a really upset stomach. i didn't get a chance to ride the bike or work out at all either, which sucks. but tomorrow i'm hoping i will be able to get up and do something. tyler wants me to go hang out with him for a little bit, and then we will probably go to the game store and get my active personal trainer. i'm not sure that there is anything else out there that i would rather have? i think i'm really going to try to go to sleep right now. i'm out of it, and my attempts last night failed due to my reading 48 pages into the time traveler's wife. it seems like it's going to be very good, it just takes a while to get used to the set up of the book. it jumps around quite a bit. that's all for today. tomorrow i will work on chemistry and hopefully start another project. not sure what's next. goodnight.


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